I am in love with Dottirslonza – Resistenza

Something’s on the move (from Antwerp)


Dottirslonza -maybe known or unknown to you- is looking for all kind of stuff. Who/what is dottirslonza? It likes: turbid applejuice, cats, drummers, whisky, crackling campfire, the combination of all this, and sheepskin.  Though one dottir likes dogs more then cats, but lets not mention that. (…)  If you are curious for the sound of Dottirslonza, or the beautifull drawings of whales that we can make, check: www.myspace.com/dottirslonza

25 Aprile,  we celebrate the Liberation of Italy from Nazism.

1945: It could happen because of the Italian Resistance Movement, commonly named Resistenza (resistence, friction).

I’m creating a piece for DòSl on the concepts of resistenza and love; concepts that are implied in my actitivties and my life.

I hope I’ll be able to send Dottir a file for dottirlsonza’s myspace in time for their performance on April the 25th.


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