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What can curators learn from managers? From their analysis sometimes very shiny, but also from their mistakes sometimes very trivial?

How is it faced and resolved the issue of green?

A greenness map (somewhere in the USA)
A sort of greenness map (somewhere in the USA)

The problem, according to Brigitte Mantel[1], is that too many companies use the green “in an attempt to raise their eco-profile”. Greennness is a relatively new visual concept and has not yet developed a mature visual language, a language that goes beyond the clichés of the green.
Marketing problem is to find a space conceptually linked to the green, but a space where where not everyone stay.

Whereas market researchs: they say that consumers feel deeply the green issue. But the issue is not perceived objectively (as community welfare in a shared world), but subjectively (as an affirmation staff).

Therefore, it is permissible to use the green-image as business.  It is permissible, but each company has to go further and has not use the pure color. Each one schuld find its own nuance of green and deepen it.
The environmental marketing (Mantel says) has to move from propaganda toward the phase of the “value space of association”.

It is clear that the purpose of an advertise is differend frome the porpose of an artwork .  Artists have no market to colonyze and protect, but they have a strong need to diversificate their languages.  They dont hato to express the green in order to link their work to it, but they try to express the green just as a common external good. Although the different approach to the greenness , I believe that the conclusion of the manager could partly be shared.

“We must kill the clichés of ecology, dig up long head habits of mind and invent a new visual mythology of what is to be ecologically sound”

But how to share this “mission”? How to change it? And why?

[1] Aspirational environmentalism, Futurebox (frome a speech at FotMuseum, mai 2008).

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