Il mercato della frutta_Art and Arendt’s Reification

Since the human condition has lost its central point of reference (the Earth), according to Hanna Arendt, the primordial ecological ratio is going to be disintegrated. Promoters of this disintegration are the human works with which men, more or less unconsciously, are acting in a destructive way (this process seems inevitable when the work is accompanied by a technical deployment like the modern one).

One of the moste relevante phenomena in contemporary art is the dissolution of  the work. Perhaps one aspect of the dissolution of the art work also stems from a desire to reaffirm the necessity of an ecological conscience.
The artistic transposition of an experience, for the very fact that objectify the individual experience and make it available, redeems it from the transience of consumption and places it in a public circuit. One could say that art gives a chance for immortality.

It can be inferred from the writings of Arendt’s. Her willing to leave the modern solipsism, let me think that,even if she still speaks about the artist as ‘the last creator of works’, iwe can use her political theoy in order to explain the public role of artist in today society. The artist, abandoning the work as main object of his practice, is the main vehicle for the reconquest of a horizon of shared of the world. The artistic research is no more  mainly esthetichal, but it is is re-configured as a ethical and political relationship with other free and equal men.

The exchange that takes place in art, is not an abstract exchange of values based on the medium level of money, but an asymmetrical and immeasurable exchange.

I offer to a public reflection to read the nineteenth chapter of Arendt’s “Human condition”.

(Below you can also find a link to the entire text).






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3 pensieri riguardo “Il mercato della frutta_Art and Arendt’s Reification

  1. Once calm, you can workout the facts of the differences.

    Use them and it is possible to’t fail and also you’ll have summer time of time.
    What most of us are capable of doing, though, is to notice when we.


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