Il mercato della frutta_Fruit market

The pure products of Italy go crazy

Fruit market | Il mercato della frutta | 水果市场 | Marssewou menient

_Wang Ruobing

_Yak Beow Seah

_Giuseppe Stampone

A good title in English would be: Fruit market – The pure products of Italy go crazy.

The core of the exhibition is the meeting of three artists in the physical space of the market (Yak Beow Seah; Wang Ruobing; Giuseppe Stampone) working on the theme of fruit.

The Fruit Market is part of PorteAperte (OpenDoors): a cultural productive chain between little towns supported by the Province of Rome and centrally co-ordinated by Sala1. The leading thread between the Fruit Market and the other events of PorteAperte is the vocation to the intercultural dialogue; the specificity of the exhibition in Ladispoli stays in the seat of this dialogue: it is staged in the real fruit market placed between Via Ancona and Via Odescalchi. The artists (the actors) and the people of the market (the chorus) will be involved into this dialoogue as integral part of the event. The artworks and the presences that compose the exhibition explain the relationship between art and the space of the market, wherein all sorts of works and goods are daily exchanged (works and goods normally circulating without pretending to be considered artworks).

The artist, thanks to their attitude in re-editing and representing life and professional experiences marked by the cultural contamination, realized original art projects specifically based on fruit and vegetables wares really exchanged in the market of Ladispoli.

To present schematically, on can say that the main exhibition’s objectives are three:

  1. get the artists  representing different cultures work in an intermediate space between the little exhibition’s room and the adjacent fruit market.
  2. create a space wherein develop a dialogue between the artists and Ladispoli community (with special attention to young people’s component, to creativity hearts and to foreigners’ communities).
  3. discover and re-articulate the relationship between centre and periphery (Rome/Ladispoli; but also World’s North/South). The gears of this relationship, that today doesn’t seem to be so asymmetric anymore, appear confused and needful of a serious artistic reflection.

_30th October (in the city Library): round table.

_31th October (at the Marketplace): opening,  at 6,30 P.M.

_1st November (at the Marketplace):  intercultural performances in the afternoon.

_2nd November (at the Marketplace): finissage.


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